Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Where oh where have I been?!

Life is indescribably busy right now and if I went into details I am sure some of you might scoff and think that is not busy but lately I feel like I just don't have time to for anything but work and then on the weekend I try to pack as much fun and sleep as I can.

Let's see . . . since I last updated on my training I had a week full of stomach issues and mid run stops frantically trying to find a bathroom (is there a worse feeling of defeat and panic in the world?!).  This caused my planned 18 mile run two Sundays ago to only be a 15.4 mile run.  BUT then I went to the food and wine festival at Epcot and ended up with 26.35 miles for the day! (I can't find the screen shot I took of my phone to prove it but go to my Instagram and you will see it (@yappyrunner) and confirm I am not lying).

I guess technically taper started a week early but not really since I did all that walking at Epcot - so it was like a halfway taper ;)  This past weekend I ran 13.1 miles and did feel a little tired and my calves were a little tight.  I have kept my miles during the week the same (17 miles) and only reduced my Sunday long run miles - this is what I have done in the past and it has worked so I am sticking to it this time around - only the week of do I cut down on my weekday miles.  We are 11 days out and I CANNOT wait - both for the marathon and to have a mini vacation!!!

Some other randomness before I go (have to keep this real short):

I am now a Disney pass holder!  Woo hoo!  It is the silver plan so there are a bunch of black out dates (all of summer - who cares it is 200 degrees in the summer) and Christmas (this makes my heart hurt but $700 for the all access no blackout dates pass is a ridiculous amount of money I do not have). 

I am loving the way my neighborhood is getting into the Halloween spirit and it does make me sad I am going to miss Halloween in Orlando because I will be in NYC . . . but there is always next year :)

Finally, I am VERY close to reaching my goal for St. Jude!  I have gotten incredible support from family and friends and I AM SO GRATEFUL!  Just under $300 shy - my deadline was supposed to be October 19 but my fundraising site is still up so if you can spare $5, $10, any amount please stop by and donate!  Click here.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Ready for NY!

Busy does not even begin to describe my life right now - I am checking in for a quick second though because we are only 24 days from race day and I got my 20 miles in last Sunday!  It was a GREAT run - not time wise but mental stamina and physical stamina wise.  I got lucky and we had some cooler temps with lower humidity on Sunday.

I woke up a little earlier to get started earlier so I would have time to make it church - I was a little late but made it!  I got most of my run in before the sun really started getting too hot.  It was definitely out by the end of my run and I was starting to feel it but I only stopped to refill my water bottle at 15 miles and that was it - I felt pretty good for most of the run and felt GREAT after because I had a good 20 mile run.  This will be my longest run before the marathon so I was really happy it went well.

I finished off Week #12 of training with 37.31 miles and Week #12 will also be my highest mileage week.  NYC here I come!  Nothing much more to report - I have been working a lot - including weekends - Poor Paco spent most of Saturday cooped up in my office begging me to go home (and for almonds).

I am getting close to my goal of raising $3,500 for the kids of St. Jude - if you have a few dollars to spare please go here and donate to an amazing cause!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Week #11

I cannot believe it has been over a week now since my last post!  I sincerely do not know why I have not done an update prior to today (I am sure there have been a ton of people desperately checking to see how many miles I ran last week! haha).  Everyday since Friday I have sat down, thought I need to write a post and then I do not know what happened but I never did!  I am so bad! 

Week 11 went pretty well - I rounded out the week with 35.42 miles.  Now we are on to week 12 of training and it is hard to believe I only have 32 days to go until race day.  Today I am feeling really excited (even though my legs are sore and I am SO tired) but Sunday during my long it was a different story.  But first . . . the rest of the work week included my usual barre classes and 3 week day runs.  Tuesday and Friday I ran 7 miles each day and on Thursday I ran 3 with Paco :)

Saturday I went to Barktoberfest and finally got Paco microchipped!  I let him loose sometimes to run around and in the back of my mind I am always terrified he is going to run off after a squirrel and get lost.  Now, at least if someone finds him and they take him to the shelter they will be able to call me - hopefully we will never have that happen but better safe than sorry! 

Sunday was my long run day - 18 miles and I was really doubting myself towards the end.  I really did not want to but at 17 miles I stopped and walked a quarter mile :/  It was so hot and humid and I just really needed a break.  I felt good for most of the run but around mile 15 I started getting frustrated - I was looking down at my watch far too often and getting mad the miles were not zipping by - they were CRAWLING by . . . I kept feeling like I was running so far and then I would look down and only .10 miles had gone by - so frustrating!  The entire last 3 miles went that way.  I think the humidity, sun and heat really got to me but I got the run done in the end which is what matters.  I am feeling a little pressure this marathon because I am running for a charity and have gotten the support of some pretty amazing people!  So I have to finish and I want to try and do as "good a job" as possible :)  18 days to meet my goal - if you are feeling generous PLEASE go here - even $5 makes a difference!

In other news I went to Target and found myself lost in the below for about an hour.

The holidays make me so incredibly happy and excited - even when crappy stuff is happening there is just such a magical thing about the holidays.  It is like Disney World - you can't help but be excited, happy and grateful.  Last year the holidays were different but at the same time they were great because I had a lot of extended family from my mom's side in town.  I am not really sure what to expect this year but I am sure it will be fun and magical :)

Work looked like this and at this point I have no idea which day I wore what . . . hopefully that's normal that I kind of forgot already what happened last week :/

Monday, September 21, 2015

Time goes too fast but at least it is Fall - almost and kind of . . .

Almost and kind of because I live in Florida so it is never really anything but summer - however there is really humid, humid and not so humid so I am praying for not so humid and at least weather in the 80s :)  Now, when it comes to decorating for Fall I do not care how hot it is - I break out my Halloween gear and make my apartment a little more cheery with decorations.  Which brings me to my recent trip to Trader Joe's.

 I had no idea "Pumpkin trees" were a thing or even existed until I walked into Trader Joe's and was greeted by all things pumpkin and in the very front of the store, PUMPKIN TREES.  I had to have them so I bought a one bunch along with some of their very cheap flowers to get into the spirit :)

Now, on to running.  Last week was Week #10 and so far my highest mileage week to date in this training cycle.  I ran 35.62 miles and felt great - no pains that should not be there (and by pain that "should" be there I mean general soreness).  I had no discomfort - even my calf's which usually give me problems felt great all week.  Yesterday (Sunday), I ran 16 miles.  It was hot and hard and a few times towards the end I really wanted to stop and walk but I told myself during those last three miles I would NOT stop!  The only reason I wanted to stop was because it was hot and I was being lazy.  I did not feel bad or like something wasn't right - I simply just wanted to walk because that would be easier.  So I dug down deep and talked myself through it . . . training for a marathon is physical but also mental.  Those long runs serve two purposes, to get your physical AND mental endurance up to be able to handle going 26.2 miles.  I truly think a marathon is just as much about being mentally fit as being physically fit to take on 26.2 miles.  

I was SO relieved when my watched chirped I had reached 16 miles that I immediately stopped (well, almost immediately - .01 after it chirped 16).  Usually, I don't stop until I am in front of where I live, like last week I had 14 miles to do and when I got to 14 miles I still wasn't home so I didn't stop until I got home which was 14.5.  Well, yesterday I took a shortcut because I saw I was going to go a little longer than 16 miles and then when my watch beeped I stopped and just walked the rest of the way.  I was beat!  I was so happy to get home to what will probably be the last watermelon I have until next year :(

Overall, it was a good week running wise, I got two short runs in with Paco and two longer runs during the week.  I felt really great on Friday and ran a little faster than usual which made me feel great when I was done! 

Just a few more weeks of high mileage weekends before it is time to start dialing back - I can't believe the marathon is less than 6 weeks away!  I am still very far from my goal and I am starting to realize I overestimated the generosity of my friends and FAMILY and will probably end up having to pay a lot the amount I committed to myself - I am, of course, eternally grateful to those who have donated and supported me!  It is a good thing I love St. Jude but at this point in my life I was not ready to donate such a great amount!  Oops.  If you have a few bucks to spare I would appreciate you checking out my fundraising page and donating - click here.

Work slowed down towards the end of the week and I was able to get some office time in which was much needed:

Have a great week!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Quick second

Ahhhh!  I am into the longest week EVER and I would like for someone to explain how it is ONLY Tuesday?!  Ok - rant over because I really have no excuse to complain.  All things considered I have it pretty good - I am healthy, I have a job, a roof over my head and live in the greatest country on earth :)  Now, to running . . . we left off last week on Thursday.

Friday was the usual 7 miles followed by no frolicking for Paco and me racing to get ready for an early morning deposition.  Poor Paco has not been able to run around the plaza in a while :(

Sunday was long run day and I am very happy to report I got my 14 miles done (I actually ran 14.5).  What a difference this week!  Sunday was overcast and I was SO thankful while I was on my run that it was cloudy and there was no sun - made the run a whole lot better.  It was still humid and hot but not nearly as bad as last week.  Plus, I had a good dinner Saturday night (Sushi from Dragonfly) and drank a lot of water (much better the night before a long run than multiple glasses of wine).

I ran to Park Avenue on Sunday and as I was running down Park I saw a sign for Casa Feliz.  I had seen the sign previously but I did not think anything of it - just thought someone named a large home.  Sunday I looked over and saw there were A LOT of lights on in the house and it looked different - not like a regular house so I decided to take a little detour and do some sightseeing.  Turns out Casa Feliz is a museum.  It was too early so it was closed but I did run along the grounds and will make sure to go back and check it out soon.

I was happy I got Week #9 long run accomplished - especially after cutting my long run short last week (week #8).  I rounded out Week #9 of training with 31.5 miles.

This week has been busy at work but I got 2.7 miles in early Monday morning with Paco and logged 7 miles this morning.

Back before sunrise with my little sidekick :)

Too early!
I've got a barre class in the morning tomorrow and Thursday.  We are only 47 days from marathon day and I am still working on meeting my goal to raise $3,500 for St. Jude, please consider checking out my fundraising page here and donating - ANY AMOUNT.

Work has been very busy (for which I am grateful) has looked a little like this:

I hope everyone has had a great week so far!  Make sure to log those miles - even when I am busy and stressed out getting those miles in makes me feel SO much better! :)

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Labor Day weekend

I can't believe it is already Thursday and it has been a full week since my last post!  I went to Miami for the long weekend and came back to a lot of work which has kept me busy and running around Orlando for the past two days  :)  Soooo let's catch up . . . 

Of course last week ended with 7 miles Friday morning and I woke up semi early Saturday, grabbed Paco and headed South for a couple of days of R&R.  We made it to Miami at a decent time, I got a hair cut and headed to the hotel.  I was greeted with an invitation to "The Wine Room" for a wine and cheese reception.

The wine and cheese reception happened everyday I stayed in Miami and it was GREAT!  Wine was good and the food was delicious.  I was a happy "camper" ;)  Sunday, I had scheduled 13 miles for myself and was excited to run in Miami and over to Biscayne Bay.  Well, I did not make it out until 7am - the sun was already up and I had to run over two causeways and a bridge - once I got over the second causeway I realized with as bad as I felt I was not going to make it to the 13 miles and turned around after 5 miles.  I cramped up a couple of times which is odd for me, I think the wine and food I had Saturday night plus the sun and heat were not a good combo.  I ended up with just over 10 miles and called it a day/morning because it was a pretty rough run.  I was dissapointed not to get my miles in but I think turning around when I did was the best decision and taking a few breaks was too - most important is staying healthy and watching out for yourself.  It is OK to miss target mileage numbers every once in a while - we are not perfect and stuff happens!

Once I got back from my run I grabbed some breakfast and headed for a walk with Paco - as you can see below Paco was exhausted after our walk around Brickell (we walked 2+ miles the night before when I caught up with a friend also) and his face pretty much sums up the way I felt for the rest of the day as well!

Monday was great, I got to go to a Flywheel class (if you live anywhere where there is a studio and you have not been you MUST go - first class is FREE).  I dragged a dear friend to the class with me who HATES to spin but she was a good sport and took me to the class, did the class and then took me to Jugo Fresh for a juice - what a great friend, right?!

I also did do a little sightseeing while I was in Miami and finally went to the lighthouse - I heard about this lighthouse, which is in Brickell Bay, a few years back but never made my way to it until this weekend.  It was really neat and I would recommend it - definitely something different to do in Miami if you get sick of the beach and malls.

Sorry, Paco - not quiet tall enough ;)
Miami was fun and it was a much needed little getaway for me - I had a nice time relaxing and just enjoying myself in a new scenery.  Paco, I think, was sad to leave but we made a pit stop at the Ice Box in Miami Beach for lunch before driving back. 

Soon enough it was Tuesday and I was back in O-town and at work!  Tuesday morning started great with a 7 mile run.  My run went by super fast because I had a new running buddy, Casi, join me for about 3 of those miles.  I usually run by myself but it was nice having someone to talk to, talking during a run is definitely a great distraction and makes the miles fly by :)

Rest of the week has been pretty busy - barre class Wednesday morning and Thursday.  I rounded out Thursday with 2.7 miles with my running buddy (Paco) and I have 14 miles scheduled for Sunday which I WILL be completing! :)  

Work has looked like this (for the most part - I changed one day after court before coming to the office):


I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend and are having a great short week - don't forget I am still raising money for St. Jude - if you have a few extra $$$ to spare please go here and donate!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Long but short week . . .

I can't believe it is already almost Friday but at the same time I feel like OH MY GOSH WHEN IS FRIDAY GOING TO GET HERE?!  Not sure if that makes sense but this week feels like it has gone on forever but at the same time gone by fast.  I think it is because it has been busy and I have packed a lot of stuff into each day - I have had a lot going on at work and I am trying to be better about having a personal life and going out more :)

Monday afternoon trying to defrost in the courtyard. 
Tuesday I had a hearing in New Smyrna at 9am which is over an hour away from Orlando . . . soooo I had to wake up super early to get in my run.  Running 7 miles in the afternoon was not an option and Wednesday I wanted to go to a barre class (put in my 30 day cancellation notice on Monday) so my only option was to wake up at 5am so I could get my run in - we are into Week #8 of NYC training so we are very serious over here about getting our miles in ;)  

I was out the door and back before the sun even came up - it was weird.  I was also surprised at how many people were already out running when I stepped outside for my run.  I am not exaggerating when I say there might have been close to 20-50 people in the area just outside my apartment.  20-50 is a big range but I was not counting and I am not good at estimating number of people but believe me there were a lot of people out there!  It was reassuring though because I know I can go out early and not worry about being out there in the dark alone.

My reward Tuesday night for waking up so early and getting in my run!
On to Wednesday and I had a hearing in Tampa (so fun) and when I got home I took Paco out to run around in the plaza outside my apartment and we could not stay out long because:

I don't think it ended up raining but there was thunder so we headed inside once the thunder got louder/closer.  The sink hole was pretty scary - I need to email my apartment complex about it so they can get someone out there to take a look.  Someone could very easily fall in there - scary!

This morning Paco and I went out for a run and he ran a 5k :)  3.12 miles to be exact - he was a little hesitant during the first mile - we stopped for a couple of potty breaks and to smell the grass but after the first mile he got into it and we did not stop again until we got to 3.12 :) 

It is now September - crazy right?! It is less than two months until the marathon and September is also Childhood Cancer Awareness month.  Go here to support my efforts to help raise awareness and support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital!

Wednesday (changed after court) and today looked like this at work:

Guess what?  One more day and it is a three day weekend!  Hope everyone enjoys the extra day off (if you have it off)!